07/11/2014 Kids Meetup (typically the 1st Friday of the month)

07/13/2014 Home Educate MSC Adult Bible Study (typically the 2nd Sunday of the month)

07/17/2014 Moms Meetup (typically the 3rd Thursday of the month)

07/29/2014 Home Educate MSC Family Carry-In (typically the 4th Sunday of the month)


Be on the look out for these future events! (events to be listed on the event calendar soon!)

October – Jennifer V is planning a trip to the Toledo Zoo with some extra bonuses.
December – April B is planning a trip to the Toledo Ballet’s student performance of The Nutcracker.


If you would like to plan a field trip please feel free to make necessary arrangements and post them to our event calendar using the submit event form.

We are looking for individuals who would like to help coordinate events with local organizations such as The Lima Symphony Orchestra. If you would like to work with a local organization to plan educational opportunities, please email aprilboyer@live.com. We have a list of organizations to choose from!


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