We are looking at transitioning the Kids Meetup Park days at the end of the summer into a co-op on the first Friday of the month at Lima Community Church. Some possible classes being discussed are:

  • K-12 Chess
  • Preschool & Early Elementary Music & Rhythm Class
  • Elementary Spanish (video based)
  • Middle & High School Spanish (video based)
  • Elementary Art – different medium each month (video based)
  • Elementary Etiquette for Beginners (video based)

If you may be interested in participating in any of these classes, please email aprilboyer@live.com. Please state the classes that you may be interested in and the first name & age of each student. If you would like to see other classes offered, please contact us and let us know.

If you would like to be on the Co-op Committee please email April at aprilboyer@live.com or you can call me at 419.234.0963.