Plan an Event

We encourage all of our members to plan a field trip or event. Here are some steps and tips to help you along the way.

  1. Plan an event that is tailored to your study or interest.
  2. Email all necessary event information to be included in our newsletter to
    • Name & Description of Event.
    • Date & Time.
    • Is registration required? by what date? to whom?
    • Is there a minimum/maximum number of students?
    • Are there any fees involved?
    • Is there an age range for this event or are all ages welcome?
    • Your name and email or phone number for people to contact you with additional questions.
    • Meet place and time if carpooling is an option.

Tips / Suggestions

  • Plan an event around your families needs and not others. (It is extremely hard to plan to include everyone and many times things come up at the last minute such as sicknesses, etc. It can be very discouraging if you plan an event based on what others have suggested and then they are not able to participate.)
  • Some families have small children and/or toddlers so it is suggested that if these families would like to be included that events should be scheduled during morning hours as many small children take afternoon naps.
  • Some families schedule their core school work Monday – Thursday and leave Friday open for make-up days or field trips. You may consider trying to schedule your event on a Friday.
  • Events that are not in the local area, you may consider scheduling a meeting place where everyone can meet and follow each other and possibly car pool.
  • It is suggested that field trips or events are scheduled and posted on the website and included in our monthly newsletter at least two weeks in advance. This allows families time to receive and read the information and make necessary plans.