September 2014 Service Project

I received the following information from a friend and thought this would be a great service project that the kids could do for the month of September.

A boy by the name of Jonah, has been diagnosed with a disease called CVID (Common Variable Immune Deficiency). This is a disease where his body does not make antibodies to fight off infection, and as a result his body starts attacking all of the normal/healthy parts of the body (organs & such). The infusions he gets are like Chemo and are making him ill. He is allergic to the infusions, but he needs the infusions to live. He gets aseptic meningitis from the infusions. Jonah just turned 8 years old and attends Shawnee Elmwood when he is healthy and able.

I am urging you to send him a cheerful card, stickers or picture, etc.!  Let him know how strong and brave we know he is! If you are unable to send a card, please say a prayer for him.

I would LOVE to see all of the HE kids color a picture, make a card or write a letter to Jonah. I will be collecting these items at our first co-op on Friday, October 3, 2014 and will send all of these letters together to Jonah.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

HSLDA 2014 Essay Contest


2014 Essay Contest

Kick off your school year with HSLDA’s 13th annual essay contest! Offering cash prizes upwards of $200, this contest is open to all homeschooled students ages 719 and runs through November 1, 2014. Our themes for this year’s contest focus on inventions.

Each student is invited to enter up to two essays relating to the theme for his or her age category.

Entries must be post marked by November 1st.

Visit the HSLDA website for more information!

Armstrong Air & Space Museum’s Young Astronaut Program

Young Astronaut Program

The Armstrong Air & Space Museum’s Young Astronaut Program

As a Young Astronaut you will explore topics about space, rocketry, aviation, engineering, astronomy and more!

The Young Astronaut Program will run bi-weekly from

October 7, 2014 to May 14, 2015.

 Tuesdays: 4:30-5:30PM: First Session 10/2/2014—Open to students in grades 5-7 (Specialists)

 Thursdays: 4:30-5:30PM: First Session 10/7/2014—Open to students in grades 2-4 (Cadets)

 Saturdays: 10:30-11:30AM: First Session 10/11/2014—Open to students in grades K-1 (Beginners)

 Program fee is $30 per child, which covers the entire year

 Visit the Armstrong Air & Space Museum’s website to download your child’s application:

Fall Soccer Enrichment Program

Dave Tilton will be offering homeschool children from ages 5 and older a weekly soccer program. Details are still being finalized but he hopes to meet on Thursdays around 3:30 pm at a place to be announced, hopefully in the Shawnee area. The session will run for 6-8 weeks, and will start in mid to late September.

Dave will have a booklet made up for each individual participating so they can keep track of self improvement. They will also get a shirt with their number on it.

Cost will be $15.00 per child. This will cover a shirt, book and minimal instruction costs. You can find out more about his ministry at Coffee Amor.

Please sign-up with Misti Wilson 419.230.7792 by September 9.

HSLDA & HB 597


Passing HB 597 would be a key step toward stopping the Common Core in Ohio by repealing and replacing the Common Core academic standards and related assessments. For those of you who were unable to attend, you can see a video of Michael Donnelly’s testimony (and others) before the House Rules and Reference Committee online.

Please contact your elected representatives and ask them to support HB 597, and ask candidates where they stand on this issue in the upcoming election.