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Buy & Sell Curricula

As many of us have wrapped up our school year and are starting to plan for the next, we have curricula to get rid of and more to purchase! Take advantage of our Curricula for Sale postings in the forum. Please read the posting guidelines before posting your curricula.



If you are in need of a written narrative assessment (option 2) you may contact:

Anne Williams


Change in Notification Law

Dear HSLDA Members and Friends,

We have received numerous inquiries related to a recent homeschool law change in Ohio. Although you are not required to send your notice of intent over the summer we know many do, since, while there is no deadline for notification, we generally suggest that the notification be submitted by the start of school in your district.

Ohio homeschool law (Revised Code Section 3321.04) formerly required homeschool families to notify the “city or exempted village school district or the educational service center.” However, the law has been amended to read that the notification should be sent to the “superintendent of the school district in which the child resides.”

This means that homeschool families who previously notified their educational service centers or county superintendent must now notify their local school district’s superintendent instead. Please ensure you are sending your notification and assessments to the correct address for this coming year.

Thank you for your support of homeschooling freedom in Ohio!

Very truly yours,

Michael P. Donnelly, Esq.
HSLDA Staff Attorney


Co-op Opportunities

We are looking at transitioning the Kids Meetup Park days at the end of the summer into a co-op on the first Friday of the month at Lima Community Church. Some possible classes being discussed are:

  • K-12 Chess
  • Preschool & Early Elementary Music & Rhythm Class
  • Elementary Spanish (video based)
  • Middle & High School Spanish (video based)
  • Elementary Art – different medium each month (video based)
  • Elementary Etiquette for Beginners (video based)

If you may be interested in participating in any of these classes, please email aprilboyer@live.com. State the classes that you may be interested in and the first name & age of each student. If you would like to see other classes offered, please contact us and let us know.


Free Resources

HSLDA offers a free electronic magazine, be sure to check out the most recent publication 1st Quarter 2014 Volume 30, No. 1.

HSLDA E-Magazine

HSLDA Group Discount

*We are trying to find at least 10 people that would like to purchase a new HSLDA membership or renew their HSLDA membership in order to receive a group discount. That discount is $20 per person when we have a group of 10 or more. If you are interested, please comment on the HSLDA Group Membership Discount post in the forum.


Free Resources

Register now for the FREE Pizza Hut Book It Reading Program for the 2014-2015 School year. Registration expires September 1, 2014.

Pizza Hut Book It Reading Program

You can also register for a Summer Reading Program!


Upcoming Events

07/11/2014 Kids Meetup (typically the 1st Friday of the month)

07/13/2014 Home Educate MSC Adult Bible Study (typically the 2nd Sunday of the month)

07/17/2014 Moms Meetup (typically the 3rd Thursday of the month)

07/29/2014 Home Educate MSC Family Carry-In (typically the 4th Sunday of the month)

Be on the look out for these future events! (events to be listed on the event calendar soon!)

October – Jennifer V is planning a trip to the Toledo Zoo with some extra bonuses.
December – April B is planning a trip to the Toledo Ballet’s student performance of The Nutcracker.

If you would like to plan a field trip please feel free to make necessary arrangements and post them to our event calendar using the submit event form.

We are looking for individuals who would like to help coordinate events with local organizations such as The Lima Symphony Orchestra. If you would like to work with a local organization to plan educational opportunities, please email aprilboyer@live.com. We have a list of organizations to choose from!

[events_link]MORE EVENTS[/events_link]

Be sure to share Home Educate with any homeschooler you know, or those that would like to learn more about homeschooling.

We would love it if you could print a flyer and hang it at your local library, church, grocery, etc.